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It's not that because the ONLY machine having problems runs Linux. the rest run either Mac OS X or Windows, or Android, or some proprietary interface (Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Google TV, smart TV) and run perfectly fine.

I like Linux but given how it makes things ten times harder to do than in Windows probably accounts for why it's not widely adopted by the masses. it's just NOT easy. if the app/game you want isn't in the software center, that's when it gets complicated. the way most distros lately dumb down and 'noob-protect' everything only makes it harder for true power users to do anything with it.

Even with the modern distributions today, there still remains this universal lack of any type of standard executable file. it's as fragmented as Android. it's either some very difficult to extract 'multi-nested' archive (still can't settle on Zip which astounds me) or it's an APK, or DEB, or FED, or whatever. there really needs to be a simpler method for those who were raised around Apple and Microsoft if anyone ever hopes to have them convert. no one who grew up with those systems is going to like Linux because it is that different. i sure the hell find it far more difficult and a lot more involved to do the same things i used to do in seconds in Windows.

then there is the serious lack of Game support. gamers like myself aren't going to give up Windows, which sadly is where the gaming is, just for some free software. it's not a worthy trade-off.

When someone who is used to, for 20+ years of double-clicking a EXE file and hitting 'next--next--next--agree--install--done!' tries to do the same thing in Linux, double-clicks a *.DEB and then the installer panics and says 'I'm Sorry, Dave, but i cannot do that' (or the actual message, often cryptic but meaning the same thing) what is the user going to think? "well, what the hell? it worked in Windows!"
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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