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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Wait, did I respond? Nick, I think you think you're replying to me, but unless my four remaining functioning brain cells have zonked out on me, I don't think so!


But--as I've mentioned before--on my identical Acer model Chromebook (and see the screenshots I posted earlier), I stepped through--making sure I chose the same file you had--and got exactly what I expected. Somehow, some way we need to figure out why your experience is so wildly different from mine [and others].

Really? SUCCESSFULLY? Let's assume for a moment that the error message was actually correct, and that the version you selected wasn't for your computer's architecture. So window$ would 'successfully' install it anyway, right? Tell me how many zillions of times window$ would crash afterward? Perhaps with no indication that the incorrect architecture program was the culprit? Just random crashes, freezings, BSODs, etc.? Just because something installs, doesn't mean it's going to run without problems. And on window$...well...yeah.

Since I've never had these types of issues, I honestly don't know. And since I'm not an average Joe [when it comes to *nix experience], that only complicates my hypothesizing. But...

And I didn't. On the SAME exact brand/model/OS computer. So I don't know!

I'm having a brain fart right now, so will look back before commenting about this.
Windows doesn't care if you're running 32-bit software on a 64-bit system. apparently, Linux does. that was (i think) why its overzealous installer aborted. besides, it was the 'multi arch' 12.04 install *.deb so i fail to grasp why it still produced that particular error, forcing me to search for a workaround online and requiring me to add-apt repository and make it work. i find that i have to do that often on certain apps/games. that is, if i want to do more than browse the web and write documents in OpenOffice, which i would guess is the main use of most Linux systems--basic computer. i am a gamer. i am an app fiend. i download/install things. when i try and fail doing it the 'official' way in Linux (either by using Software Center/Synaptic or by downloading the file and opening it) or if the program complains about 'you held broken packages' or crashes on load, it's a test of my patience to hack this, edit that, add-apt this, apt-get install -f that, until i eventually get it working. i DO GET IT WORKING. but it takes far TOO LONG to accomplish compared with the same attempt done in Windows or Mac OS X.

I shouldn't be blaming Linux though. it's got to be an Ubuntu thing. i have had your luck and NEVER had issues with VectorLinux 6 (the non-noob'd version) and my problems seemed to have begun with my attempts to use *buntu. oh, i can do your cube thing, change endless options/themes in KDE, i can install KDE or any DE, i can enable root logins, dump to a terminal, do tons. unfortunately, app installs are one of the caveats i've had to experience in this distro. it appears to be some noob-protection to keep folks from messing up their system. basically, protecting the user from him/herself. that's a Microsoft policy that makes Windows 8 a total pain to use. i still wonder if it's possible to run another distro in a VM inside another distro. like, since Ubuntu 12.04 is the only supported distro for the Chromebook (Acer) is it possible to run a VM, from that system, to use VL 6 in a VM environment? so i can at least get my system back?
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