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Originally Posted by Lee5000 View Post
I agree completely. Written reviews and well as YouTube videos. I am still stunned when I see all the subjects people will attempt to show or teach others on YouTube. I have gotten in the habit now of going to YouTube whenever I have a task I don't know how to do or see someone using a product I want to buy. Most recent how-to, installing my new router without using the easy install disk that came with it. There were scores of folks who made videos on my router installation. Some good, some bad but they were there. I tried three before I found one that was worth watching. The author - a 10 year old kid. LOL His video was clear, concise and to the point. I know know how to install my D-Link. Very cool.

The only down side to reading reviews is that many companies now use trolls to downgrade a computers products. Like hiring a contractor, you gotta throw out the over the top "rave" reviews (or contractor price) that are obviously not written by an actual user and the lowest rant but someone who had a small problem and trashes the whole product because of it. Same as throwing out the lowest contractor bid. Classic if it's too good to be true it probably is.

What did we all do without the internet? It's like losing my right arm now when my computer goes down for more than a few hours.
I often see "young people" on Youtube say "oh I wish I could go back to the 1970's you had such great music then" and my reply is the same "yes but we had no internet, no smartphones,no ipods, no home PC's, no MTV. We had vinyl records which scratched and cassette players where the tapes caught on the heads and we had AM radio, that was it. Oh and we had (in the UK) Top Of The Pops once a week where bands mimed to a backing track".
It would be like them going back to the Stone Age.
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