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I like playing with Linux. Android is my primary system and is BASED on Linux. that does NOT mean i like fooling with system files when things inevitably fail to work or stop working. it's still better than Windows 8 i assure you. easier? hell no. Android is quite possibly the easiest but i still had to give up games i use in Windows. tons of 'em. even some of the recent ones. they neither support Android, Linux OR Mac OS X.

I certainly would not be having this argument had the chrome book supported other distros. i may be better off wiping it and putting ChromeOS back. it's just not reliable or stable in Linux. Lately i've just been using Chrome Web Store apps in the browser to avoid the problem with Linux not liking what i choose to put on it. my problems are all around Ubuntu, a noob-lover's install. it's too dumbed down and too protective of itself. Ubuntu is one distro out of many. so my problem isn't Linux itself, but Ubuntu.

I'd really like to try SuSE or Mint or Arch on the thing. unfortunately, the Chromebook's BIOS cannot be rewritten, and won't boot an init.rd image. it's not supported. so the only distro available as of yet is an older Ubuntu variant (12.04).
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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