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does your Acer have the 320GB hard disk or the 16GB SSD? mine has the SSD. is it possible at all that Linux's method of disk access hates SSDs? once i had a laptop where the hard drive died, and i tried using MacPup (a Puppy Linux-based distro that boots off many types including flash cards) off an SD card. it didn't work very well. it tended to freeze up a lot.

Most of the 'common' Linux programs work fine. they even install perfectly fine. it's non-native and those types that don't happen to be in Synaptic or Software Center that cause me aggravation installing. either my distro isn't listed, or the file listed for mine isn't working properly (package manager aborts due to some error) forcing me into terminal hacking again. obviously the GIMP works as i used it to make my avatar.

So far my chrome book is my daily use machine. so long as it's just browsing sites and playing some internet radio, maybe check my email and play Angry Birds through Chrome, it's fine. for some reason it performs rather poorly if i do anything intensive like attempt to play Euro Truck Sim 2, which has a native Linux version. it installs fine, but it just kept locking the machine up. from what i read of my machine's specs, it should play ok, not well, but ok. it seems to make the fan run full hilt and then freeze ten minutes into it. i found it a bit amusing once, i was trying to do something CPU intensive (at least, according to my Chromebook, ) which was playing a Flash game in Facebook, only to have it give me the 'spinning beach ball of death' since my cursor theme was Mac OS X. but still, why is it so sensitive to intensive tasks? it's at least a Celeron dual-core at 2.0 GHz with a couple gigs of RAM, shouldn't linux play well with that?

that error i get when booting that disappears in a millisecond, about 'invalid iomem size, you might experience problems' might have something to do with that. i saw it just enough to notice 'sdpci' or something like it listed at the beginning of the error.

sdhci-pci invalid iomem size you may experience problems
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