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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
I'm sure that's all you can get. Bootable USB sticks are formatted as FAT32, and 4GB is the maximum file-size that FAT32 can handle. Because the "persistence" used for storing your data is a single file on the storage device, and Linux mounts and opens it when it boots.

An NTFS or EXT2/3/4 formatted USB stick can hold files larger than 4GB, but not sure if you can make that bootable. I assume you're using Windows, you could try formatting the USB as NTFS, and see if LILi USB Creator works with that. But if that doesn't work you're stuck with 4GB of persistence.

You could also try partitioning the USB. A primary bootable partition large enough for the OS plus the persistence, for the additional software you want to install. and the second partition for own stuff, like movies, music, documents, photos, etc. Because Linux should mount the secondary partition as an additional removable drive.
What I've managed to do is install ubuntu to the flash drive directly. I understand this uses swap and stops a few other features, but it was the least hassle and I think it works now :P
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