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Default Spigen GLAStR screen protector review

I received my Spigen GLAStR screen protector and installed it. First let me say as with all Spigen products it appears to be well made and well packaged. For those that do not know what this is, it is a screen protector made of tempered glass. It is quite thick and rigid. It boasts a 9H hardness factor and is designed to resist scratches while offering the same tactile feel of the phones Glorilla Glass. It is not unbreakable. However, if it does break it is designed to shatter but maintain itself as a single piece due to a special coating (think of a car windshield).

I bought this screen protector as a replacement to the crappy plastic one I had installed at the Verizon store when I bought my GN3 two weeks ago. While it did the job, the tactile feel was less than great and it gathered greasy fingerprints like nobody's business and drove me crazy. I would love to just go with the plain Gorilla Glass but I'm paranoid about breaking it, even though I rarely drop my phones (although I have dropped every one I've owned in the past a least once!).

I already have a Spigen Neo Hyrid case on the phone and so I'm well acquainted with Spigen's quality product. The packaging was very nice and came with the usual tools needed for a successful installation - alcohol swab, microfiber cloth, squeegee, instructions, glass screen. The screen itself is quite thick and I can see how it would provide great protection.

I followed instructions to a T even performing the process in a controlled clean room environment where I work in full clean room garb. Everything seemed to go very well, just as the instructions stated. However, there seem to be two areas that are not adhering as advertised. The lower left corner will not seat in an area about the size of my pinky fingernail and worse, an area in the upper left corner about a half inch down and about an inch and a half to the right, cutting up right about the G in Samsung.

There was nothing on the screen. It was very clean since I had the old screen protector on there from day one. Even so, I cleaned off the screen with alcohol and microfiber wipe like I was supposed to. It almost seems like there is no 'adhesive' material in those areas.

This screen protector is VERY expensive. $39.99. Most people would not even consider that at that price and I don't blame them. Truth be told, I always just bought the cheap plastic ones and refused to pay for the 'nicer' plastic ones because they were too expensive at $20. But I figured I'd gamble on this one. Had the installation process gone better I would not have felt bad about the price since the tactile feel of the glass screen is excellent. It's also VERY clear and works flawlessly with finger swiping.

I've sent an email to the company to see what went wrong and if there is a way to fix this. The directions do not recommend 'reusing' this screen protector and so I'm loathe to pull it up and try again until I hear back from them. I'll keep this thread posted as to what happens once I hear back from them. The directions also said that "small bubbles should disappear in a couple days" so I'm hoping maybe these two surfaces will re-seat in a couple days but these are far from 'small bubbles'!

In the interim, I cannot recommend this product at this time.
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