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Originally Posted by iwoloschin View Post
False. I'm doing this right now with Tasker and Secure Settings and I have not rooted my VZW Note 3.

Enable/disable PIN lock with Wifi connection or Car Mode - Tasker Wiki
Extended Variables & States - Tasker Wiki

Those should give you everything you need to do this through Tasker. One caveat, this doesn't happen instantly, as Tasker limits it's activities to save battery life. If you have a weak WiFi signal it can also toggle a lot, which just means you need to put your password in even if you haven't left home.
This is interesting - Tasker and Secure Settings was how I did it on my Motorola Razr Maxx HD but I thought I had to be rooted to use Secure Settings. I know definitely had to be rooted to do the reboot program.

I'm going to try this without root and see how it goes. Stay tuned!
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