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i have already tweaked a bazzilion things. had to to make it work for me, plus changing the default Windows 95 look to what it turned into now. the only thing i wish i could pull off was the 'glassy buttons' effect that Mac OS X does. i think it's called 'aqua' but none of the 'aqua' themes do it for the buttons. there's currently one installed now if you noticed the window gloss of the music player, but that's about as far as i can get.

Vector was a non-noobified install, it came out of the box the way i liked it (you could tweak the end result during install ten million different ways). with this one, it comes out of the box with tons of bloat plus Unity. that's easy enough to ditch, but then KDE installs its own stuff, taking up 90% of the storage. i just did a lot of purging tonight and dropped it to 75%, still too large but hardly anything is left. not sure where it's going. nothing i /var/log, nothing in any other folder.

but as far as tweaks go:

- Deleted naggy notifications to upgrade (if i wanted it to pop up telling me security updates are ready to install, i'd have installed Windows XP)
- purged Unity (had to keep some of it though as it appears to be the default gdm login, not sure how to make Kdm the default)
- root logins enabled (partly your help Moody to accomplish that one)
- keyrings/password prompts (User Account Control) fully deleted
- turned off all system sounds except startup sounds
- theme, deleted default panel, deleted all widgets, and installed Cairo Dock and themed in OS X button title bars and a OS X GTK/icon theme.
-Chrome runs full-screen the same way i use it on Mac.
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