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Default Halloween Contest: Post your homescreen! (Theme, drawing, accessory.. whatever!)

It's that time again! This contest was suggested by funkylogik, sounded fun, so here we go!

Halloween is just around the corner, and for those of you in the spirit of getting in the spirit of things, this contest is just for you. Entering is easy, and winning is even easier! (Ok, maybe about the same)

Simply post a screenshot/picture of your Halloween flavored homescreen, theme or accessory, and you'll be entered to win. How easy is that?

Edit: Really we're open to most anything done with or on your device. For example, things drawn with apps.

The reward will mostly be the warm fuzzy feeling you get for participating in such fun on such a great site, but we'll also be giving the winner a lifetime premium subscription with which they can enjoy or give away if they would like.

ALL qualified entries will be given a 30 day premium subscription. And by "qualified", I mean "entries we deem worthy of considering a real entry". Staff will simply be the judge of that, but this is meant to be fun so I'm sure if you're posting with fun in mind, you'll be fine.

Our favorites may even get a spotlight on Phandroid this Halloween, who knows!

We'll accept entries until we announce its closure on this thread. That will be sometime between Thursday and this weekend.

How will the winner be decided? Well it'll depends what sort of participation we receive - but be sure to "like" your favorite entries in the meantime! That will likely be the deciding factor if we get a lot of participation on that front. Otherwise we'll have staff vote.

(Oh one more thing. You might be thinking "what if I already have premium?" Well, we'll just extend it when you've cancelled, or you can give it away to a friend if you want.)

This is a loose, less "official" contest, so I'm not trying to get hung up on rules.

Ready? Go!
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