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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
But look on the bright side: window$ disappeared!

But seriously, Moody, as I am getting into the IT industry, I use my laptop as my software toolkit, and as a result I must have both the ability to run Windows apps and Linux apps, natively (as that has minimal fuss compared to VM-based solutions). A dual-boot solution has provided that quite elegantly, ergo I need Windows.

Anyway, it took 2 days, on-and-off (was quite busy dealing with life's other distractions ) getting my Win8 install back up to snuff, including one stint where I accidentally annihilated Windows' auto-maintenance scheduling ability (literally telling me the feature was corrupt/missing/not available), and having to carve the files out from one the school's computers' existing 8.1 install for transplant into my own Win8.0 install!

Yes, I was that hardcore -- I skipped the windows-reinstall routine and instead went to repair what was missing directly!
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