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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
I did that, I was just hoping to find those reassuring old touch tones like a regular phone has instead of either drip drip drip or silence... I know, I'm so demanding

Well, how will rooting do that for you, Koki? Inverted Gapps would have to be flashed in recovery: there is no custom recovery (yet). I would love some inverted love as well, trust me: but the last thing I want to do is trip that counter. Why, I have no idea... I don't use Knox, heck, I can't even FIND Knox but if I could I wouldn't use it. Too volatile. I guess I just don't like that whole "one way" scenario where you can never go completely back to stock if needed.

So, as long as you don't trip the good ole Knox your phone still covered by warranty? Or does rooting it void your warranty regardless? I'm just curious...if rooting voids your warranty anyway, then what does it matter if you trip the counter?

Honestly, I don't know...thus the reason I am asking
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