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Originally Posted by mosleynormal View Post
thanks much twister for another flawless review.
i have been on the fence for awhile now with these iem's but with this great review have decided to drop the hammer and lie to my s.o.
please do the follow-up with the wire down config as i wear glasses and am slightly concerned with the over ear recommendation.
also, would love to hear how these performed with your latest review of the FiiO E18.
thanks much...
I should get those replacement wires in about a week. Wire down config and in-line remote with VOLUME that actually works on Samsung phone - that's what I'm after as well.

Regarding test with FiiO E18, my comments about audio quality was based purely with use of UE900. I'm not sure which phone do you have and if it supports USB OTG. If you read our discussion in my E18 review, for example if you are using Note 3 with an improved DAC - E18 might be just a nice gadget, but not absolutely "necessary" to have. So, I'm speaking purely from an experience of Note 2 + E18 + UE900. The sound felt a lot more tighter, with more control and slightly better definition. Your get additional headroom where you can increase volume higher without hearing any strain in the sound.

Some people might not appreciate or benefit from that. I personally enjoyed having an analog volume knob - with its symmetrical placement you just need to roll it with your thumb and it works perfectly. The biggest advantage of using E18 and UE900 together is the bass boost. As I mentioned before, UE900 has a balanced sound across the whole frequency range. Once you kick Bass Boost on E18 - it adds another low frequency dimension to it. It's not like any of the EQ settings, even parametric EQ I tried on Neutron player. As one of the reviews on head-fi analyzed it, the bass boost is applied in two different low frequency points. But you also need to keep in mind, UE900 has 4 armature drivers with 2 dedicated specifically to bass. So Bass boost on UE900 will sound a lot better then on some cheap headphones. Actually, the same bass boost worked well on Etymotic HF2 (single armature drive) and UE600 (also single armature driver).
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