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Originally Posted by AeolianReflex View Post
Haven't had the security pop up but I am not going to install Knox anyway.
I did have to reset all of my notifications because they were all silent.
I had a Facebook Pop mp3 in my notifications folder that would play but was coming out silent. Once I replaced it it was fine.

My battery life seems to be improved. I'm at 73% after 12:40 minutes of use and prior to the update I would be somewhere in the 50% to 60% range with the same typical usage. I'll see how long that lasts lol.
I seem to get the popup when returning to my home WiFi network. So... no devs to notify because that would be a Samsung issue. Thanks Samsung!

FYI KNOX isn't something that you choose or don't choose. If you're rooted and go custom ROM that's a different story but for those of us unrooted KNOX is forced down your throat. I will consider this when my next handset purchase comes up and will likely go back to HTC. I dislike such things.
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