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Originally Posted by AGx View Post
I've been following Android since before Android was known as Android, before Google bought up the project, and before the [HTC] Dream came to life. Having said that, I myself find it odd that I've never owned a Nexus device. Finances got in the way with the Nexus 1, Best Buy got in the way with the Nexus S, and competition for in the way with the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.

When the Nexus One was released I was still using a G1! Back then we were overclocking and squeezing every bit of juice we could out of our G1's and Hero's and then the Nexus One came along, the first Android utilizing a 1GHz CPU and it blew us away. It was labeled a superphone by many. I wanted one but sadly couldn't afford one.

Fast forward to to today and after watching 4 generations of Nexus devices pass me by, finally having the financial means to get my hands on the kind of phone I'd always wanted, a powerful device running Stock Android, I actually have to ask myself, do I even want it?

I have a Galaxy Note 3 sitting on my desk, which is arguably one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, and in an age where I can, will, and always have rooted and threw a stock ROM on it, I really have to question whether a Nexus is worth it anymore.

Neither the Galaxy Nexus nor the Nexus 4 blew me away the way the Nexus One did and while the Nexus 5 has a lot going for it, it's only major advantages over its comparably specced competition is HDR+, Android 4.4, and that lovely design. It's not the only beautiful device out there, 4.4 will come to other devices, and HDR+ sounds like something that will eventually be emulated in an app.

My question to all who view this, after all the hype and build up, are you blown away by the Nexus 5 and will you still pick it over the competition?
Sure 4.4 will come to other devices but how long will it take? How many GS4s are on 4.3? Nexus devices will always get updates almost immediately.

How could anyone not be impressed with this device? Even if you don't buy it, it is still one of the topped spec devices on the market now and it can be bought outright for about the same price as a Galaxy Note 3 on contract.

That in itself is impressive, I'm not saying other devices are great but the Nexus 5 is without a doubt impressive.

If it was coming to Verizon, I would buy it, but doesn't look like that is an option.
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