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Originally Posted by AGx View Post
finally having the financial means to get my hands on the kind of phone I'd always wanted, a powerful device running Stock Android, I actually have to ask myself, do I even want it?

I have a Galaxy Note 3 sitting on my desk, which is arguably one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, and in an age where I can, will, and always have rooted and threw a stock ROM on it, I really have to question whether a Nexus is worth it anymore.
Specifically here you make the point that should sell the Nexus product line itself. I remember the hype before the galaxy nexus. I bought the Verizon version, not aware of how much Verizon would royally screw up the updating process and installing bloatware, etc. I rooted, installed stock and was happy.

Why not get a phone that removes the whole "having to root and then load a stock rom" step in the first place. Then that point is furthered when you understand that carriers actually become the problem itself. Having to spend more money for a software and hardware branded phone that you have to completely wipe and flash to get what you want. Seems like a waste.

I skipped the N4 in favor of the galaxy s3 and I didn't make it more than a week before rooting just to removed that goddamn MetroPCS easy wifi icon. (I'm a minimalist, what can I say?). Now I'm freaking ecstatic to get a completely clean, carrier free, google experience.

And for you, AGx. The greatest part of this whole deal is you could hock that Note 3 on craigslist in less than 24 hours to pay for the N5 right now.

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