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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
that is true, which makes me curious why so many are so anti-ChromeOS and pro-Ubuntu lately.
I'm not anti-Chrome OS, but I know it's basically just a browser. It would be of rather limited use here, because many of Google's cloud services are unavailable, or occasionally United States only. Also can't guarantee good fast unlimited internet access. But then Chromebooks are not officially available in China. But on the other hand I could take Mint or Ubuntu, and remove pretty much everything, LibreOffice, Skype, GIMP, education software, games, leaving just the Google Chrome browser. I think that would give me an idea what it would be like to use. Any productivity, or teaching, or talking to my friends on-line.....forget it. I could probably use Chrome OS at home, for browsing, listening to streamed music and watching streamed TV. But for work, travel and general out and about usage, it would be NO.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
here's another mystery. why are so many Linux geeks so anti-OS X? isn't it built off of UNIX? or another one, why so many Linux geeks hate UNIX? seems hypocritical since neither are Microsoft, and all of them are so like each other.
I'm not anti-OS X, however I'm strongly anti-Apple pricing model though and their brand whore Gucci like image they convey. If Linux didn't do everything I require, I'd actually consider making a Lenovo OS X Hackintosh laptop. I have a Macbook that was given to me, but I certainly wouldn't go out and spend the equivalent of $2000 for one. And I have absolutely no desire to use anything Windows, this year has left a rather sour taste in my mouth about Micro$oft. Skype seems to be OK, as long as not using the spyware PRC version. Although apparently the NSA with PRISM have complete access to everything going through Skype...but that's going OT.
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