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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
Nick, it's strange you had a hard time with Skype using Ubuntu, even Skype's website have it available to download for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora & OpenSuse.

I haven't installed Skype but with my distro (Mageia) I would have to go through hoops, but I'm sure it's doable.

I know their website has it. i tried downloading the multi arch 12.04 *.deb and the package installer aborted saying 'Architecture not supported' and exited. i then tried going to Ubuntu Software Center and it wasn't listed. then tried Synaptic and it gave me multiple issues and said 'this package requires [insert dependencies here], click ok to install them' and i did, then it aborted saying they were not installable. i ended up having to hack the crap out of the system files to 'allow' the install. took a half hour longer than it needed to.

In VectorLinux 6, all i need to do is go to a terminal, type 'slapt-get -i Skype' and it downloads, installs it and any dependencies. tried that in Ubuntu after the above (before the hacking) and it said 'no such package: Skype' and quit. stupid noob protection

I haven't given up on it yet though, i don't want to wipe it and put ChromeOS on again if i can avoid it, but i'm still trying to track down the YouTube CPU Overheat bug i've been having, currently the ONLY issue left.

I had been saving this one for a side project, after fixing the overheat bug, but i installed VirtualBox (which is easier when removing the noob protection) and have planned to try Vector 6 in a VM, but haven't decided to go through with it just yet.

i managed to strip out just about as much as i can from Ubuntu but removing anything else would remove parts that i use, like it says it would remove Kubuntu-Desktop or Ubuntu-Desktop which both are required. i need parts of Unity to login as no matter what, it won't default to kdm as a default login shell, and losing that Unity part would kill logins. losing KDE would not be acceptable either. not sure why it thinks Okular for example is required by KDE though. but i have only got 2GB left, not sure if Vector can fit in that.
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