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Originally Posted by GKNByNW View Post
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for the win!
Yay! Someone using an old[er] version! I still have 9.04 running on one of my computers.

I've been reading everyone's comments regarding a growing dislike for Ubuntu and I agree, at least when it comes to the newer versions. I tried Ubuntu 11 & 12 and found them entirely unusable. I'm probably too used to GNOME desktop. The new interfaces were completely non-user-friendly (for me, anyway) and I did give the "new" version of GNOME a try but it was nothing like 10.04.
As much as I love *buntu, I cannot use Ubuntu. I truly detest that whole Unity desktop thing...and GNOME before that...ugh. But!

When I worked at a PC repair shop, we used Kubuntu 12.04 as a default OS if a customer didn't purchase Windows. It's been a while since I used Kubuntu on my own PC but I *really* liked it. Took some getting used to after running Ubuntu/GNOME for so long, but I found it to be extremely user-friendly. I even installed it on a laptop that I fixed up for my sister.
I'm the resident Kubuntu pusher around here! All my computers run Kubuntu, ranging from the aforementioned 9.04 up to 13.04. I LOVE it! It's so beautiful and so endlessly customizable, and can be set up exactly how *I* want it. Nudge, nudge, give it a try!

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