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Pleeeease answer this one for me. Mine is in the mail and I'm dreading being disappointed depending on what I find out about this but is that weird pinch to zoom bug/implementation in play with the N5 as it is with the N4? On the N4 when you put your fingers together on the screen and began to pinch out, the screen wouldn't zoom or react right away and your fingers would have to go pretty far away from each other before it reacted. On other phones like the S4 and especially iPhones, if you put your fingers together on the screen and began to pinch out (to zoom in) it would react instantaneously. It definitely seemed like it was done on purpose though for starters all the models of N4 I've tested reacted the same and also if I placed my fingers on the screen farther away from each other and than began to spread them apart sure enough it would react instantaneously however if they were close together and I began to push out (to zoom in) it definitely seemed like it was waiting for my fingers to get a certain length apart before reacting. It was very noticeable to me and VERY frustrating... Please tell me the N5 doesn't do this???? Can you create a short video?
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