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Originally Posted by rayfin View Post
Is John Ive the antichrist and why is the Nexus 5 the best phone on the planet?
If he is, he's much more charming than I imagined an antichrist to look. And I don't know!

Originally Posted by shagnscooby View Post
So I got my Nexus 5 today also, but there's no Google Now. Do I have to enable it somewhere? My auto-restore was interrupted so that might have something to do with it. But there's no Google now when i go to the left home screen and when I swipe up from the bottom it just goes to do a search.

I will mention that I did root and unlock it as soon as I got it using Chainfire's method.

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it. I would've thought it was there by default though. I had to long press on the home screen and go to those settings to enable.
Glad you got it worked out. Thanks for editing with the answer!

Originally Posted by jgordon00 View Post
There was some discussion of a new backup tool included with KitKat for apps, data, preferences, etc. It doesn't sound like this was accurate but it would be great if you could confirm one way or another.
This was not accurate as far as I can tell. The only built-in backup is what we've had since legacy versions of Android (ie, backing up contacts to Google, photos to G+, and apps in the Play Store).

Originally Posted by Lauski View Post
Do you have a Slimport adapter to test out:
-Making sure it works?
-Playback of movies?
-Lag & Input Lag during games?

(Subjective is fine here, I.E: Noticeable, Unnoticeable)
I do not, but it is on my list of things to buy. I've been needing one for other devices anyway, so I'm definitely going to be "adding to cart" a bit later today. I'll add that to my list of things to address.

Originally Posted by Dim View Post
Well hello everyone, came here from Derek Ross' G+ post.

I would like to know how good is the GPS on this thing, since I use my phones
as a gps device in the car for navigation and it's fairly important to me. I guess I also use it for tracking runs quite a bit.

I've only seen one guy doing a test on it vs a GS4, and the GS4 was far superior. It was an indoors test actually and the Nexus5 took much longer time to lock and even then it had found maybe half the satellites of the GS4.

But to be honest I don't care much, if at all, how good it is indoors but more of how good it is outdoors where you actually need it. Good-average-bad-problematic? I'd love to know. Thanks.
I have not had a chance to test it "on the road" yet, but I was able to get a fairly quick lock inside. It took maybe 3 seconds from the time I launched the app to the time it pegged my location. I haven't used the Galaxy S4 extensively so I can't speak to the speed compared to that, however I think 3 seconds is pretty good. I'll have to see how it holds up in motion the next time I'm out.

Originally Posted by temporary101 View Post
-Do I need a screen protector or case? I didn't have either for my GNexus and over 2 years it has only gotten 2 minor scratches. Don't even know how they got there. The N5 has gorilla glass 3 I think, so will that be enough or should I need a screen protector?

My experience with screen protectors has been that they're useless, especially with today's tempered glass treatments (Gorilla Glass, and the like). I've yet to get a single scratch on any phone since the G1. I'd say you'd be fine, though those with OCD might want to put one on just to be sure.

-What makes Slimport better then MHL? (not really nex5 related, skip this question if you want)

SlimPort is really interesting. Unlike MHL, SlimPort doesn't require a secondary power source to work, so that means less cables while it's in use. It is also compatible with standard DisplayPort specifications, meaning there's a wider range of inputs it can work with (DVI, HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort, from what I understand). MHL might be more popular now, but SlimPort has a chance to take the crown if Google helps push it in their Nexus devices.

-Does it support OTG cables unrooted?

Google has yet to make a clear statement on this (working on it), but so far I haven't been able to get it working without root.

-Can I connect a ps3 controller to it wirelessly (unrooted) to play some games with it?

Not exactly sure just yet. I'll boot my DualShock 3 up and find out with some GTA3 later on!

-Does the N5 come with earphones like the N1 and the Gnexus did (don't know about the others)? Better Yet, what ships in the box?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. In the box were the charging adapter, USB cable, the SIM card try opener, and tons of booklets I didn't care to read.

-How long does it take to charge up from 0 to 100% using the cable in an outlet, cable in USB port and wireless charging?

I'll have to let it die first before I can answer this.

-Is there anything else I should be doing to prepare?

Get extra diapers and load up on snacks! You'll be playing with this thing all night!
Your answers are included within the quote!

Originally Posted by louched1 View Post
Does it have an IR blaster?
Sadly, it doesn't. This was a new native feature with KitKat, but Google didn't think to include one here. Not everything they do makes sense

Originally Posted by jansportw View Post
What's the available hard drive space on the size you got?
26.18GB out of 26.76GB total. Not too shabby.

Originally Posted by knwt View Post
This is my question as well. I've read so many times about it during the leak days, even here on Phandroid, but now nobody is talking about it anymore.

Nexus 5 Q&A, pictures show up on Reddit.
"There is a complete backup solution built-in think iCloud, except for Android."
Answered above.

Originally Posted by nexusqa View Post
What about temperature. Does it get hot easily? On normal use or high load?
Does it cool quickly?
I've been playing with it all afternoon and it has yet to get hot. I'd consider the time I've used it so far as "normal." I'll have to test it during gaming and charging later to fully answer this question, but regular use is just fine.

Originally Posted by itpromike View Post
Pleeeease answer this one for me. Mine is in the mail and I'm dreading being disappointed depending on what I find out about this but is that weird pinch to zoom bug/implementation in play with the N5 as it is with the N4? On the N4 when you put your fingers together on the screen and began to pinch out, the screen wouldn't zoom or react right away and your fingers would have to go pretty far away from each other before it reacted. On other phones like the S4 and especially iPhones, if you put your fingers together on the screen and began to pinch out (to zoom in) it would react instantaneously. It definitely seemed like it was done on purpose though for starters all the models of N4 I've tested reacted the same and also if I placed my fingers on the screen farther away from each other and than began to spread them apart sure enough it would react instantaneously however if they were close together and I began to push out (to zoom in) it definitely seemed like it was waiting for my fingers to get a certain length apart before reacting. It was very noticeable to me and VERY frustrating... Please tell me the N5 doesn't do this???? Can you create a short video?
I remember that issue on the N4. Dreadful, I agree. Thankfully, the Nexus 5 does not do this. I will try and get a quick video for you a bit later on!
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