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Originally Posted by KiwiBri View Post
No worries, how do you find the camera?
Not near as bad as The Verge made it sound - and I normally like The Verge. Android Central's take on it (here) was really good and matches my experience so far. I've owned way too many devices, including the 5/5S, S4, One, G2, and Moto X, and I think the N5's camera is somewhere right in the middle of all of them. It does well in low-light, with little noise, even compared to the One and X. The lack of noise is actually quite impressive and even better than the iPhone 5. It's not as fast as the 5S, but isn't near as slow as The Verge made it sound. I've found it to auto-focus quick, and once it focuses, the shutter is almost instant. Overall it's faster than the S4 and Moto X, but not as fast as the 5/5S/One. Flash shots are the only real weak point IMO - way over-exposed. Hopefully they'll fix that with a software tweak, but if you bump exposure down to -1 or -2, flash shots are solid.

Long story short - by far the best Nexus camera to date, and when compared to other top-tier phones, I would say it holds its own and is solid, overall.

A part of the problem with camera reviews is each phone's camera software is different - so if you're not used to one, it could feel really off until you get used to "the feel" of it, if that makes any sense.
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