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Originally Posted by ferretflip View Post
This has been a minor annoyance for a while now, but something has been taking up a good chunk of my storage and I don't know what it could be. I'm running ARHD 31.0 on the 32gb. I just did a factory reset to which nothing changed. I went through my backups and cleared app data and cache from apps I don't use any more and it got down to 8gb, but out of no where went back to 11.

While exploring the root browser, I found that some system files were duplicated from the rom flash. /SD card has 3 folders, all of which end up in the same directory. Could that be it? Should I delete that or will that funk something up?
How much of the 11gb are you unsure about ? Are you taking into account the 6.6gb of system storage which according to my storage breakdown is included in the 'other' category?

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