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Originally Posted by lylisdad View Post
I wonder if the folks over at xda are paranoid or just territorial since the kingo method came from outside their developer network.
Excellent speculation. I suspect that it's a little of both. In my opinion, I find that many (not all) of the members and mods at xda are rather intolerant of people outside of their circles of developers, as well as those of us that are not as technically savvy as they are. (speaking for myself, that is)

That said, I can see a couple of possible viewpoints concerning Kingo. A certain amount of paranoia may be warranted, since they seem to be very secretive about how their exploit works to root devices. This goes against the general unwritten policies of the android developers' communities, as most respectable dev's tend to be very open as to how they do things, which allows the community to essentially police itself.
However- when I consider what is known about Kingo, it seems that their method employs several exploits designed to root numerous devices by different OEM's and running various software. If they were to openly release their methods, it would allow all of the OEM's to fix the holes in their security, rendering all of their work useless.

The thing that puzzles me the most though, is that the mods at xda claim that Kingo grabs sensitive info from the phone, but they aren't saying how they know this, nor can anyone say for sure why this might be a problem. I'd like to know what can be done with these numbers if they are indeed being collected for malicious intent.
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