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Originally Posted by samakhan View Post
I've had my HTC one for about 5 months. I love the phone However, I feel my battery life is very poor.. I will get about 4 hours screen time max on heavy usage.
"On heavy usage" is key here, because this depends a lot on what you are doing. From my experience with this phone I'd expect about 4 hours gaming, 7-8 hours browsing tapatalk via WiFi, or 11-12 hours ebook reading (I once used it as a reader on a long stop-over and reached 5.5 hours screen on with 55% left - screen brightness adjusted for indoor conditions). Of course standby, cell-swapping etc all take a toll too. At this moment I'm at 39% with 2 hours 7 mins screen on, but the phone has been on continuously for 48 hours (unusually light usage for me). So depending on what your heavy use consists of, and what else you have going on apart from the screen, that may be quite reasonable.
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