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Originally Posted by Stuntman View Post
The only thing I can think of is to deactivate notifications in your Messaging app. You will still receive messages, but no notification sound will play and the notification will not appear in the notification bar. The only way that someone will know if you received a text message is if that person goes into your Messaging app and constantly checks to see if you received any messages.

In a serious relationship, I believe you should respect and trust the other person. There should be no need to go snooping into the other person's messages even though you can. My wife and I can access each other's phones freely, but we do pry into each others messages and emails regularly.

Perhaps times have changed since I've been dating. At least in my circle of friends over the years, we don't freely access each others' emails and messages. We didn't have smartphones back then or even text each other. Still, we do use each others computers, but no one launches someone else's email program to see the message.

I agree with you. I never read my wife's messages and emails unless she asks me to.
I have never felt the need to or want for that matter.
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