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I've been running this rom for quite a while from v1 till now in v2. But I've been having a few problems.

1. random freeze. Seems to happen when I'm using the chrome browser, screen is stuck on, input does nothing, only way to fix is to hard boot off and on again. Happens more while it's being charged oddly.

2. When in a call, and you put it up to your ear. Sometimes the screen turns off, and doesen't click back on when you take it away from your head. I wave my hand over it and it starts working again. I think it's just too sensitive. Dunno.

Thanks for all your hard work. The new v2 rom works much better with my tether app (before it would only work on 3g), and overall it seems more responsive.

Also as a note to everyone, to fix the stupid font in chrome. Delete the HYF_Travel font file. And copy/paste whatever font you like (standard droid sans for me) and rename the duplicate file to HYF_Travel.
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