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Originally Posted by ajeet View Post
Hi Gibbs, thank you for your response. The lock / unlock screen sound can be accessed Settings>Sound.

On the calendar, during the creation it is fine but it is in the edit mode after saving that you can see that the end date is the next day.

Attached is screen shot.

Though it is not a major issue it came to light after my wife updated her HTC One X+ to Ver 4.2. These were clearly not there when her One X+ was in 4.1. So when I checked my HTC One I too noticed it. She has since informed HTC and they are worrking on it.

OK I turnt the lock and unlock sounds on and they're there but they're pretty useless as I had to lift the phone to my ear to hear them.

Certainly wouldn't be able to hear them if I wasn't in a room on my own where it's quiet.

The screenshot of the calendar was taken after I created the event and then edited it and saved it.

Both issues look to be fixed but the first one is still poor in my opinion.
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