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NEW TOY! NEW TOY! I'm like a five year old at Christmas...

Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
No,still on it's way (Tuesday,I'm guessing, left Chicago yesterday).

Qi Wireless Charger Pad for Samsung Galaxy S3 NOTE2 S4 Receiver 10000mAh Battery | eBay

For pure functionality,it's the one to get,w/the 2 USB ports & the 10kmah battery storage (to power the QI charger &/or the USB ports).

Glad I ordered when I did,the price has been jacked-up an additional $100 since I ordered this on 10/6/13.

I'm guessing the release/popularity of the GN3,w/its wireless charging capabilities & the price increase are no coincidence........
If this does what I hope it does, it will be awesome. If I understand this correctly, you can plug the charger/battery unit into the mains and place your phone on it to wirelessly charge whilst the inbuilt battery in the charge unit also charges. Then you can unplug the battery and take it with you, use it to charge any devices via the built in USB connections and also wirelessly charge any device with wireless charging capabilities. Is that about it? If so, I WANT ONE!

Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
I have the Tylt Vu in house, awaiting the wireless charging S-view cover to come in (expected date is now Oct 31, could be pushed back again)

It's just a total pain trying to hook up a USB 3 charging cable to the phone next to my bed at night in the dark. Wireless charging would be a no-brainer in that scenario.

So I wait... and will happily review the setup when I have it
That Tylt Vu is excellent but unavailable in the UK despite what they say on their website. I've just looked into the cost of importing one and it's prohibitive. A shame as that would be perfect for my nightstand as I would like to use my phone as a clock too. Currently my phone sits flat and I can't see the screen.

I'm not sure whether to go down the aftermarket induction card route or whether to get one of the OEM wireless covers. Do the aftermarket cards cause much heat? They are obviously situated right on top of the battery and these sort of batteries dislike too much heat. The benefit of getting the OEM cover is that I can just get a bumper for the phone and leave it mostly naked so that when I come to sell it I can put the pristine original backplate back on. The benefit of the card is that I can 'potentially' use any case. I guess certain cases will be too thick and not work. Anyone have any experience of which ones don't please?
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