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Originally Posted by kingink65 View Post
So in October I changed my lovely S2 I9100 running Carbonrom 4.2.2 for a shiny new S4 I9505....then read about Knox etc . I assumed that my phone had Knox as in my application manager I have "Knox notification manager" and "Knox store" but after reading these posts I am not sure. There is nothing about Knox in download mode and my baseband is MG7. Does this mean Im Knox free?
Looks that way -

Originally Posted by ironass View Post
Samsung releases are categorised as follows:-

M = year = 2013 (13th letter of alphabet)

E = Month of year (May in this case, 5th letter of the alphabet)

A = Release of that month (10th for, "A", as they start 1-9 first, before letters)

Therefore, MEA is pre MGG, (2013, July, 16th release), and is before Knox. Only stock Samsung firmwares MGG onwards, (with the exception of MH1), have Knox.

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