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Default From Iphone to Android - Amazing, but frustrating.

Greetings everyone.

First, I must say that I love my new HTC one phone. It is an amazing and very sexy machine. I was using lphones since day 1 but decided to make the switch recently after a friend of mine converted. I have been having some frustrating things happen to me since the switch tho, and I would know what happened and how to avoid this again if you guys could help me.

First of all, I seem to have lost all my contacts in my phone after I removed a gmail account from my phone. That gmail account was work related and it was annoying me, so I removed it and next thing I know... I lost ALL my contacts/people. I tried resyncing this email account after and no go... still no contact. I rebooted the phone, nothing. So I took time to manually put all my contacts in there with pictures and details and I lost ALL of them. Very frustrating. I do not want my phone contacts to depend on anything else than the phone. If I remove an app or an email account I dont want to lose my contacts... How stupid is that ?

Second thing : I try to sinc my Hotmail account in my phone. All the infos are correct. I then go into the '' mail '' app and it says the phone has sent a confirmation email to my hotmail account. Guess what ? I never receive it! I waited for days and never got it. Not in junk. Not anywhere. I re-did my hotmail account again, still the same thing. It says it sent a confirmation email to my hotmail account but I never receive it.

I know these are problably small things for you guys but to me this is very frustrating...
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