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Originally Posted by xoeyehartyewox View Post
Posted this and trying again

Okay guys i need some help. I am on AT&T network in the US. I updated to 4.3 right after it came out ( first of the month ? ) Ever since then I have had 2 issues ( that I have found ) both pertainging to texting.

1) When I send or am about to recieve a text, a green or orange, or green and orange symbol ( not sure what it is ) flashes up on my notification bar, just briefly, so fast I cant even get a screen shot of what it is, but my friend who also has AT&T and also updated, his phone does not do this flash thing when sending or recieveing texts. Anyone know what it is, or what app bloatware AT&T installed.

2) Also after the update some texts do not send, they have the little clock/note thing next to them and wont send, until I restart my phone, then it sends whatever text right away. I can be texting back and forth and 1 lone message does not go through but other do. Anyone else having issues with that?

I did have an issue with my battery when I first did the update. I emailed HTC and they claimed they were not aware of the issue, but seeing many posts about it. I turned off the percentage use and it actually seems to help, or I dont notice it draining so quick. I have my settings on the lowest possible brightness, dont leave bluetooth or wifi on when I dont need it, not sure what the issue was but HTC was really no help.
The thing to know about all Android - the operating system works off of caches, just like your browser and so do apps.

Just like your browser when those caches get tangled, things misbehave until you clear them.

And they tend to get tangled on every major update.

I've complained to the makers until blue in the face to fix this during the update process - it's 2 to 4 lines of update code depending on the model - and for three years none have listened.

Here's what you want to do -

First make a full backup of everything you can - I recommend Helium Backup, it's free and good.

Check your Gmail account on the web - backup your contacts there also. Look for an option to Export - select all contacts, save them into a vCard file.

Then - do a factory data reset on your phone.

And restore your backups.

This is easier to do if you're rooted but if not rooted follow my advice above.

Like they say in that Alien movie, nuke this problem from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Doing this may fix some or all of your problems - no telling ahead of time.

But I promise you'll chase your tail trying to fix anything without doing that first.

And I urge everyone - get into the habit of doing this with every Android update they send you.

It's not maybe things can get hosed during updates - they do. They ought to fix this but until they do, follow the above advice and it won't bite you.

Hope this helps!
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