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Default Blackberry to the One: Some questions


I've just upgraded from a Blackberry Torch 9800. Obviously the One is much more powerful and overall I'm extremely happy with it. However, after two years of owning the Torch I had it set up exactly how I wanted it and there are some things I miss. I would be very grateful for assistance with them:

1. Calendar notifications. This is a big deal to me, and is currently my biggest problem with the One. My Blackberry calendar was full of notifications. I could see the next three by pulling down the status bar, and when each one became due an alarm would ring, offering me the chance to dismiss it or snooze for five minutes. My One does no such thing; in fact, notifications come and go without a peep, even though I've set them to play an alert "on time". I desperately want to get this fixed!

2. Sound profiles. The Torch has a pile of them. The One seems to have only three, and two of those are silent and vibrate. Seriously? I get only one "normal" profile, so I have to keep manually adjusting volumes myself? Please tell me I'm missing something here!

3. Auto on/off. This isn't such a big deal but it was nice to have my Torch wake up and grab my emails etc. a few minutes before I did. Any way to do the same with the One?

Many thanks in advance for all advice.
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