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Originally Posted by 4ubest View Post
I think I understand how to save the files to the phone SD card and then take the card out and put in an SD adaptor and then the computer, but the nexus 5 does not have an SD so how would I get the saved files from my computer to the nexus 5?

Also and this is a thought.. I do not need to sell the LG Motion so if
I keep its battery charged can I access my texts and contact list and simply not be able to phone or send a text. I have important material that was texted to me regarding funeral preparations that I need to be able to access in the near future that was sent to me via text ? Apps that were not purchased via google play store will be lost or can they be retrieved and installed on Nexus 5 ?
Well crap! Now I feel like an arse. Texts like that are important so save them using SMS Backup and Restore. Make sure to go into the preferences and set the backup location to somewhere you can remember on your phone.

Here's the key to the whole to SD card or not to SD card: You just plug your phone into your computer and you can use windows to actually look at the files on your phone. So, in the case of recovering your SMS backup file, use windows explorer to find and copy to the harddrive of your computer. It's pretty easy, I think the app will default to backing them up to a folder called SMS backup and restore on your phone. If you can't connect your phone and see it through your computer, google "viewing android internal storage in Windows".

Apps not purchased or installed through the Play Store is a whole other deal, depends on where you got them and how you installed them. I can't really help you there but if it was like Amazon App Store, just re download the amazon app for your phone and you should be able to reinstall the previous paid for apps.

Now apps that were installed via the play store are going to be saved under your google account. Under backup and reset option in your settings, make sure that you check mark back up my data and automatic restore in the section. This will mean you won't have to do anything but let your phone restore all the apps you were using before. You will never lose your previously paid or previously installed apps on Android that were installed from the play store, unless of course, you do something quite silly like go buy a blackberry.

Start doing some reading on your own about what your google account does for you behind the scenes with contacts and apps, etc. It makes life a lot easier and once you understand what happens at the core level, the anxiety about switching phones and whether your data will disappear into thin air or not will subside.
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