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Default NFC possibly not working

I tried using Google Wallet for the first time at a CVS pharmacy and the POS terminal never acknowledged my phone. NFC was on and I had my PIN entered and everything was ready to go as the instructions said but nothing happened.

Later that night I used my girlfriend's Nexus 4 to see if my phone is faulty. I took both our phones out of their cases and put the One's antenna right against the N4's antenna. I turned on her NFC and Android Beam. I had my gallery open and selected an image. Again, nothing happened.

I'm thinking it might be the magnetic ring that I have adhered around the camera for the photo lenses I bought. The NFC chip is attached to the camera's lens, so I'll take it off and try with another NFC device after work.

Other forums have said that they have similar issues.

Any other suggestions/tips?
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