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Originally Posted by mankato581 View Post
Hi, I was wondering how do you switch a message from group into individual while texting. Sometimes a mass text is necessary but you do not want everyone to reply to everyone's phone. On my old RAZR MAXX it was as simple as clicking the bar on top to switch between group and ind, but this doesn't have one.
The stock client does not seem to have this ability. You can try switching to an alternate SMS client - Handcent, Verizon Messages, or even the new Hangouts. Perhaps one of these apps can do that? I don't use any of them myself - I just manually create a new message to the contact I want to answer when this happens. (I just did this last night.) The issue with using a third party app, though, is that the Assist Driving Mode, which will read any received text messages out loud to you through the speakers, will only work with the stock messaging client.

Perhaps when the update to Android 4.4 is delivered there will be a better solution?

Also has anything been done with being able to sync facebook contacts into the phonebook? Backup assistant won't load all of my contacts either.
There are third party apps that can do this, but the stock "People" app does not. This is either a bug or some fallout from an issue that Google had with Facebook about a year ago, when Facebook was asking users to enter Google authentication info to get friends from your Google contacts but would not expose the same functionality to Google for the reverse.

I use an app on my Mac called Cobook that does this for me. I've read about a Play Store app that can do this on the phone: Ubersync.

[edit] See a few posts below; this app is not recommended: Sync.Me.
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