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Default Autocomplete weirdness (user dictionary discussion)

My HTC One (Verizon) has started to get wonky as far as autocomplete. It's gotten so weird that I've actually turned it off as it takes longer to fix the wrong autocomplete words than it does to just type and then proof.

I will try to explain this as best as I can. There is a definite pattern to it, it seems to assume that I want the letter to the left of the key I press. So, for example, if I type "I", what comes up first in the autocomplete box is "U". If I type "M" it comes up "N". You get the idea. So, when I want "my", it assumes I mean "NY", etc. The behavior is to change what I am typing as soon as I hit the second letter. Where it gets really frustrating is when I type a longer word. Let's use the word "observe: as an example: I type the O, then the B, and autocomplete changes it to "IB" which of course freaks it out as there are no words starting with "IB" and therefore I just get completely unrelated words in the autocomplete suggestion box.

The only way it's usable is to (using "my" as an example) is to type the M, then in the autocomplete suggestions tap the "M" (which is the second choice as "N" is the first), then continue on.

I've recalibrated a couple of times, and I've checked and none of this is referenced in the personal dictionary, so it's not like I saved the words or anything.

Anyone else seen anything like this? I can post a screenshot showing this behavior if this wasn't clear enough.
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