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Originally Posted by mills23 View Post
I lied. It's still doing it. But now it vibrates cause I got the phone silenced.
Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
Hard to say, could be many things depending upon what you've loaded on the phone for apps. Facebook can be a pain as they have a notification for so many things.

One sure fire way to control all your notifications is to use an app called Light Flow. Initially developed to control your notification light with different colors it has since grown to also allow the use of custom notification sounds and vibration patterns. Very powerful app.

Once you have this app you just turn off your stock notifications in the settings and assign different colored lights, sounds and/or vibration patterns for only those app notifications you want to receive notifications for.

There is a free version that will allow you to test the app and see if it's for you. Paid version (only $1.99 last time I checked) adds a whole bunch of addition apps. The dev is very responsive to questions and suggestions.

Highly recommended.

THIS,or you can boot into SAFE MODE.This basically is the phone running only the OS & TOUCHWIZ as it came out-of-the-box,w/o any of your other stuff/downloaded apps running.
Then,once in SAFE MODE,open up one app at a time until you find the culprit. zyOG9CaI

As stated in the video,simply re-boot to escape SAFE MODE.
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