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Originally Posted by silvershadow68 View Post
Guys, thank you for posting this. I just want to ask a few question if thats ok. In another post i posted today, i mentioned that i had purchased a note 3 that had been rooted (didnt know this), it was originally locked to vodaphone, but has since been unlocked, I tried to do the OTA update and couldnt, and this is when i trigged about the phone being rooted, i tried to do upgrade the software via kies and couldnt initially , but since unmounting the sd card, i was able to upgrade the firmware via kies, which went successfully. I noticed that when the upgrade was in process the knox warranty had 0x1, and i am right in saying that my warranty is void ?

I have followed the instructions and have downloaded the correct firmware from samMobile ( i have selected the unbranded firmware (BTU) hope this is correct. The phone has been unlocked from vodaphone so this is why i didnt select their firmware.

If i was to flash the unbranded uk stock rom and everything went ok, is there any chance that the knox counter would reset to 0x0 , and i would have warranty cover, and be able to do OTA updates.

Or, if this isnt the case, should i be returning this phone to the seller as i purchased this in good faith

Thanks for your time

First things first, the seller tripped the knox flag by rooting it in the first place.

You have installed the stock firmware for the UK which is exactly what I did from Vodafone branded software on my SGS4 this did not trip the the the Knox flag, this is why I am sure it is the seller that has not you.

A tripped Knox flag may indeed have voided your warranty. It is a very "grey area". At the very least your Knox flag is permanently tripped and if you ever wanted to use your phone for secure email and the like at work in a BYOD scenario (Bring Your Own Device) you can't now do that. Some posters over at XDA forums have reported that a phone developing a fault with their Knox flags tripped (0x1 as apposed to untripped 0x0) have had their devices repaired under warranty, others have said Samsung have refused a warranty repair. I don't think even Samsung themselves have a policy on it. I would err on the side of caution and say your warranty is void if I had to.

Take from this information what you will. Personally If I had paid for something that wasn't as advertised, as you have appeared to have done, I'd want my money back.

*Added to post*

Strictly speaking you should have downloaded Vodafone branded software, while I am still 100% certain it is not you that has tripped your Knox flag, with non Vodafone firmware I'm fairly certain you won't get OTA or Kies updates, although I could be wrong on this point.

As a point of interest Vodafone have not sold a locked to their network phone since 2007, branded with their apps yes, but locked no. So if the initial rooting of the phone was an attempt to unlock it there was no need, it was never locked.
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