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Default After 4.3 update, Bluetooth Screen Keeps Popping Up!

Ok guys and gals....really need some help here. Been internet searching for a while now and not getting anywhere. So here is the issue I have been having: MANY times when I unlock the phone or even when I am using the phone, the bluetooth screen pops up which shows the devices that I am able to connect to. For instance, I am in my home, and I pick up the phone, flick my finger to unlock it, and there is the bluetooth screen. ALL the time! I have to dismiss that screen to get back home. The other day I was using the phone and on a call, and the bluetooth screen popped up.

What is going on? It wasn't do this before the 4.3 upgrade, and now it happens all the time.

Anyone else having this issue? Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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