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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
I am loving DjeMBeY's Modified, Slim, ROM, MK8 more and more!

This is easily, by far and away, the best Android 4.3 ROM that I've had.
I know i'm new here, but i've already got the jump on you old timers! :P

Here's a fresh copy of KitKat on the S4:

1. Full 4 bars - no dropout!
2. Less messy than the earlier IceCreamSandwhich
3. Much easier to boot (just bring baby wipes!)
4. It can be modded, but can't go back to previous versions without melting the core
5. No Battery, completely wireless and in self-contained package!!

1. Apps are severely limited!

KitKat on my S4.... making you all green with Android envy!!!!

Sorry, but someone had to suck the life out of that metaphor!.... now back on topic..

I finally got my i9505 rooted with DjeMBeY's pre-rooted, stock, MK8 ROM. For anyone who hasn't tried it. Mine is working very well so far. Particularly as I had tripped the Knox 0x1 flag and locked the bootloader. I didn't think I'd actually still be able to root the device.

A huge thank you to ironass for pointing me in the right direction and the best set of instructions for converting a 'dummy' into a smartass in less than 3 days flat! :P.... not to mention that DjeMBeY is some form of artificial super intelligent lifeform!
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