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Alright, it was time to lay down the HTC Thunderbolt for good (I attempted to last year by moving to the iPhone, couldn't stand it, sold it and went back to the Thunderbolt).

I've had my One for a week and a half. I got the Blue One from Best Buy for Verizon. I love the screen, responsive, no dead spots, bright colors. Even with the auto dim, and in low light settings, it's seems to do well.

Build quality is excellent. My only complaint is it seems the blueness will take damage easily. I dropped it once from my hand to the pavement, luckily I put my foot out to cushion the blow, but got a ding on the corner (case was on order, hadn't arrived yet). Other then that, it is rather slippery in the hand. But otherwise, fantastic.

Sound quality is great. Watching YouTube videos on my lunch breaks with boom sound, my plant manager came to the table asking about it. Thought I had a speaker hooked up to it. It's nice and clear, and of course, loud. The speaker phone works great with this nice feature aswell.

All told, I love the phone, my favorite to date.
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