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Originally Posted by Mark112887 View Post
Just like the title says The charger port on my galaxy S4 has gotten loose, to the point where I now have to hold the USB cable in a certain position for my phone to charge. So I decided to call Samsung this morning and I have arranged to send my phone in for repair.The catch is that I have already upgraded to 4.3 and rooted my phone, so as you can imagine my security counter has already been tripped.

The question I have in my head is whether or not Samsung will repair my problem. Being as this is 100% a hardware issue and having nothing to do with software. I'm curious to see what others in the community think.

So please leave me your thoughts on what you think Samsung will do
Ok they will probably check the phone regardless. If you triggered the efuse by tripping the counter than as of now you're unlucky. But who knows they may not even check your phone and will just tighten that port up.
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