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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I downloaded and burned one Kubuntu DVD. Tried it, and it looked flat. I don't mean all the dratted visual effects and crap that Ubuntu wants, but it seemed all gray.
I have trouble with the command line. I know what it is as I used DOS, but the terminology of that got me, too. I had to memorize every command. Now it's like learning another foreign language.
Wasn't it exactly the same when you first learned DOS, and had to memorise everything like a foreign language? It is different, many commands are different, e.g. "ls" instead of "dir", etc. Might seem hard at first, gets easier with practise of course. Go into the command line on a Mac you'll find that very much the same as Linux, because Mac OS X is a Unix OS.

I'm very much used to it now, because I abandoned Windows earlier this year out of frustration, and just use Linux Mint laptops and a Macbook.

Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Like I've said, there are really no tutorials. Most of the easy ones tell you how to get onto Facebook. I happen to want to hook up an Epson Scanner. The usual reply is go get a new scanner and get an HP. I don't want an HP. Takes you forever to find the answer that you can't use a printer since it isn't supported. I happen to like my Pixma -i6000. It works. It prints stuff that HP won't begin to touch. But it's at least 8 years old. This is what you can't find. I simply don't want an all-in-one. Who on earth faxes anymore?

Faxing is still a very common way of communicating and sending documents here. And I'm talking about the traditional method of faxing as well, i.e. with a fax machine and a telephone line. The local department store in my neighbourhood has a good range of fax machines, right next to the Android tablets and smart-phones. But then tape cassettes and Video CDs are still popular here as well.

Faxing is much used in technologically advanced Japan as well.

Probably to do with the languages amongst other things. Can be much quicker to write Chinese or Japanese with a pen and paper, than it is to enter it on a QWERTY keyboard.
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