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Originally Posted by FBA View Post
1) Out of the box on the Note 3, there's a lot of bloatware that runs...which can be removed or disabled.

2) If you're running things like WiFi /Bluetooth /NFC all the time, even when unnecessary, that's going to chew through at light speed

3) It seems like you have no experience with Android, and it's going to take a bit of learning to understand what you should and should not be running on your phone, to get great battery life. It took me a few days until I figured out what to do and battery has been tremendous since.

4) Keep your screen brightness on auto or at well under 50%

5) Video - it eats battery like no tomorrow

6) Put the "Active apps" widget on your homescreen so you can see what's active and how it's impacting your battery. It's in your widgets folder right now.

7) If you're using Facebook/ Twitter etc...check out how often your syncing happens and slow it down or make it a manual process if need be

8) Battery should be charged for about 20-30 minutes after it reaches 100%. It slow charges and tops off for that period and you will see the drop off form 100% will take longer than if you pull it off charge once it hits 100%.

9) Don't EVER drain your battery to the point where the phone shuts off; that's a battery killer. Do that a few times and your battery will suffer degraded charge capacity.

10) ALWAYS USE WiFi when in a WiFi zone. Even when WiFi and Mobile data are ON together, data over WiFi takes far less radio power vs data over the Mobile network.

11) Last but BIGGEST battery eater - turn off LTE and just go to 4G or 3G. LTE is a battery killer, period, no matter what anyone tells you. Just do a Google search on LTE battery life and see what comes up. Anyone telling you otherwise is a moron.
1a) Carrier apps aren't the battery killers you suggest.

2a) Simply untrue, I use them freely while enjoying 14 to 18 hour battery life under heavy usage.

3a) Why assume?

4a) I use 75% brightness with great success.

5a) Video does consume battery, but the Note 3 is made to minimize it's impact.

6a) No advantage, the Note 3 is superb at automatically managing battery life.

7a) No need for concern.

8a) Bad "advice". You obviously have not used a Note 3. When it indicates 100% charged, it is. It also tells you to unplug the charger which is an excellent practice.

9a) Its not necessary to drain the battery, yet unless that's done repeatedly, no harm will come to the battery.

10a) Wi-Fi is best used at will. It's not mandatory, nor must it be on in a Wi-Fi coverage area.

11a) The Note 3 is an LTE phone. No need to cheat yourself out of using it's advantages. Mine stays on LTE always.

Respectfully, no need to guess or act the expert. There's a big improvement in battery management from Android version 4.0 and newer.
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