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HP products think they know be all and end all about what you want. I've had one of their scanners yell since I wanted to scan at 300 DPI,
They don't deal with the color printing in Photoshop. I can get the requirements of each printer and coordinate the specs of printer, scanner, and screen. They also don't like vector programs. I've used Illustrator and Inkscape on the PC, and HP either prints gibberish or takes forever, on Linux it takes forever to print a page that has any graphics.
I do crafts, and HP with that circular feed they have will not take paper heavier than certain card stock. My Canon, which has direct feed will print on anything that fits in there.
I have a degree in Graphic Arts, I do things as we were taught in college. HP is a machine and how I do something is none of its business. Epson and Canon don't presume to tell you how to do anything. They tell you what might damage the printer, but no other comments.

The one good thing about HP printers, the old ones conserved the ink. I just reactivated one after 2 years of non use, and the ink printed.

As for gray - I couldn't find too much on customization, I'm not gung ho on fancy, but I do like the menu bar in one place, and I like the maximize, minimize, close icons on the right. There were a few other annoyances, not major, but just enough, and I still wasn't sure about Skype working.
Ubuntu has a plain gray screen, I found the old Gnome 2 setting with no animations.
When I had Mint, I got rid of the Mint splash screen and went to plain gray. But it was easier to get other stuff into Mint than this version of Ubuntu. I had ESR going.

As to Slimboat, I use Boat here, wondered if they were related. I think it used to be Slimbrowser and was just changed to Slimboat. I have Iron rather than Chrome, and I've removed both Bing and Google as search engines. I use Start Page, Ixquick and Duck. I haven't updated FX on Ubuntu as I don't like the newer versions, and was trying to get ESR. TMobile informed me my browser was out of date. I update most of the other stuff, I just uncheck FX and Mozilla. I haven't used it for a while, anyway.

The only thing FX has going is tab permissions. I don't have to look at a page full of images if I don't want to. I can turn them off on the fly. The new Australis is going to look like Chrome, and I'd rather have the menu bars where I can see them. Pale Moon (based on Mozilla) doesn't do Linux or Mac.

BTW, you have to edit a lot of crap in About:config. Mozilla has hooked into some social sites, and if you don't like it, you edit it. I want a browser that does nothing but browse, if I want a link, I bookmark, I can use tabs or not and all the toolbars are available. I don't like the damn speed dials either. They take up too much real estate. I can read faster than I can recognize the icon and a line of text is faster.
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