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Perfect timing...
I was just going to post on this topic today as well.

IMHO, the griffin dock is a real POS. I don't like the way it holds the phone and I don't like that putting the phone in and taking it out of the dock puts stress on the USB port. Plus, with the bumper case on the phone, the USB port barely reaches and it seems that even a little vibration causes the phone to not charge. I actually got it for free and I still feel like I got ripped off.

I had also read online that LG makes one designed for the LG G2 that would fit the MAXX. It is the same basic style as the one I had for the Bionic which I really liked so I ordered it. It fits, but with no case on the phone, the top clip that holds the phone in lands dead on the volume down button so it constantly pushed that button. With the bumper case, the clip would barely fit over the top edge and I can see that after a few months that will either break or stop holding the phone properly. It's going back to V.

Yesterday, I received the iBolt XPro and I love it. I ordered the version for BB because it was $10 cheaper on Amazon but other than the name on the box, identical to the "universal" one. I like the way the mount holds the phone and it is adjustable so it works with no case or with the bumper case just fine. Plenty of room left, so I'm assuming it will work with just about any other case as well. The one downside to the XPro is it does not have an integrated magnet to automatically launch Car Mode. I'm going to play with that and see if I can add one but if not, the app that iBolt has can easily be launched manually. When I did use a magnet to launch car mode, it gave me the option to run the iBolt app every time in place of stock car mode. Nice!
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