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I've seen complaints elsewhere about the lack of interest by Mozilla in Seamonkey. I usually do read the Mozilla section to see what kind of junk they are going to try to include next. I haven't used it. I prefer Thunderbird to built-in email. Opera had email, I didn't sign up for it, and got pestered about it every time I opened the browser at the end. When I did use Opera, I also used Eudora, not Operamail.
The new policy at Mozilla seems to do almost nightly updates. Every week another new version rolls out. Seamonkey doesn't do that, so maybe that's why some users feel ignored. I got tired of the nonsense, so I switched to Pale Moon which doesn't do Linux. ESR doesn't do nightly versions either. It's written mostly for businesses that need the interface more static and just security updated.

The desktop is gray by preference. I don't always maximize a browser and don't need a lot of extra color in the background. With the way Gimp opens, with separate screens, I'd switch to a neutral background to be able to focus on what I'm doing.
I tend to park stuff that I temporarily need on the desktop. I just shove the minimized browser out of the way. By doing that, at least I can read the browser and remember exactly what I was looking for on the desktop. Works well on the dual boot. I can download whatever I want in Ubuntu and shove it on the offline XP desktop for use. When I use XP, I file it.
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