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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I've seen complaints elsewhere about the lack of interest by Mozilla in Seamonkey.
It's more a matter of Mozilla deciding to focus on SeaMonkey's children, Firefox and Thunderbird. Whereas SM is a suite that includes both a browser and e-mail client, Mozilla decided to spend their time promoting each unit separately (FF and TB). So the SeaMonkey project branched off, but is still accessible from Mozilla's web site.

I usually do read the Mozilla section to see what kind of junk they are going to try to include next. I haven't used it.
My SM is configured exactly as I want it, so I don't have any unwanted junk.

I prefer Thunderbird to built-in email.
With SM, you get that plus a browser.

The desktop is gray by preference. I don't always maximize a browser and don't need a lot of extra color in the background. With the way Gimp opens, with separate screens, I'd switch to a neutral background to be able to focus on what I'm doing.
I tend to park stuff that I temporarily need on the desktop. I just shove the minimized browser out of the way. By doing that, at least I can read the browser and remember exactly what I was looking for on the desktop.
What you're describing doesn't match up with my daily experience using KDE. Everything I have open is visible and accessible on that desktop's taskbar--and ONLY on that desktop's taskbar, by preference. If I wanted apps to be visible on desktops they're not running on, I could have it that way, but I don't like that. As for the GIMP and its multiple windows, that's no longer necessarily the case--they now have a single-window option. That was something I thought I'd really like...until it rolled out in beta and I didn't like it at all. *shrug* What can I say? I guess I had gotten used to its multiple windows by then, and the way I have them arranged by default works really well for me.

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