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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
If this is right, then someone had better be doing some better user guides than what's available. Some of us have enough knowledge to want more than the standard "how do I get on Facebook" and are not techy enough to understand the language.

Linux Today - Goodbye, Win XP - Hello, Linux?
The company I work for has a good two dozen machines with XP on them, and they are not likely to upgrade anytime soon.

Hell, I have two machines in my shop that run on old AT machines and DOS 6.0... no upgrades for the software running on them (nor the hardware they power), so I am stuck with them until the end of time.

As for user guides... good luck. I could write the type of guide you want, but who is going to pay me for it? There's a lot of time that goes into such a project, and I certainly haven't any to spare.

Nor would it be profitable enough for me to quit my day job.
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